Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Drawn to the river from which I drink and drown,
Dazed my the daint of desire draped across my torso,
I'm drunk on your sweet fragrance,
Sour for you as I drink from your well of sweetness.
Yesterday was green: amazing
Today is yellow: beautiful
What will tomorrow be like?
I want to know.
Yes I want to know.
Yesterday was green: amazing
Today is yellow: beautiful because I can see the colour of your heart.

The colour of the river I drink from: red
What will tomorrow be like?
I want to know.
Yes I want to know...
Tell me!
When I'm wrinkly and  greyed,
Tell me what tomorrow will be like.
Will I still see the colour of the river I drink from?
Will it still be red?
Tell me!
When I'm wrinkly and greyed...

Will my yesterday still appear green
and my today yellow?
Will I still see the colours?
I'm drunk on your sweet fragrance,
Sour for you as I drink from your well of sweetness but tell me,
What will happen when I'm wrinkly and greyed
What will tomorrow be like?
I want to know..
Yes I want to know..
Tell me!

Monday, 5 June 2017


A few days ago, Ghana was hit with the tragic news of the lynching of Captain Mahama, now major Mahama ; a warrior on whom darkness fell accidentally.
Several views and opinions have been expressed by notable people and I guess everyone of them have been in condemnation of this barbaric act.

I want to begin with Maxwell Mahama from his heydays although  I didn't know him personally, based on testimonies from friends who knew him. Quiet, calm, gentle, he rose to join the table of the men in uniform. A star that was rising in his family. Awesome husband to a pretty young woman, amazing father to two lovely boys. Deployed to defend the people against the ills of a canker that was eating deep into our land. A habit he had developed could not be done away with; jogging to keep fit.

Stopped to buy something from some women, they say.  Spotted with a gun, the people were beckoned to pursue him; the so called armed robber,  digging his would be grave. The mob lynched him: they stonned him, clubbed him and threw blocks at him. I still can't fathom why that particular dude kept throwing blocks at him, directed at his head. Even when they should have left him, it was obvious their only aim was to kill him as they shouted in the local dialect; he was not dead.

So people with virtually no power to grant life to another human being, thought they had the power to take another man's life. People who were neither the Police nor the only office vested with the power and authority to prosecute people in our land; hiding under the guise of a mob action where no single person would be blamed for any action taken. They lynched their so called armed robber to death in broad day light. Proud of their actions, they moved on with their lives till it was detected that he was no armed robber. Yet, his life had been taken.

I still want to know how  these people thought they could try Maxwell Mahama, prosecute him and sentence him to death. In accordance with Article 13 of the 1992 constitution, "(1) No person shall be deprived of his life intentionally except in the exercise of the execution of a sentence of a court in respect of a criminal offence under the laws of Ghana of which he has been convicted."
The mob from  Denkyira , please answer me; are you the police or the judiciary? Where do you stand? I need answers.
What made you think you could give him such degrading treatment, violating his dignity? You treated him as a convicted person without first convicting him of any criminal offence. 'Thief' you all blurted out, I still have not seen what he stole.

How many times have the people  taken the law into their own hands? I've heard several people say the law doesn't work in Ghana, our systems do not work, so what? You take the law into your own hands and lynch innocent people? Doesn't that amount to lawlessness contributing to the failure of our systems? What happened to 'a person charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed to be innocent until he is proved or has pleaded guilty?' according to Article 19(2)(c) of the 1992 Constitution.

Since the laws of our land do not work as the mob claims: afterall, isn't that why they decided the people's justice was a better option? Can we ensure that every single person involved in the lynching of Maxwell Mahama is made to face the full regals of the law? Can we ensure henceforth that every other person lynched by a mob action is served justice? Can we ensure that those who claim to know better than the laws: who become the police and jury all by themselves  have a brush with it to serve as a detterent to us all?

My condelences to the family.
Even in lynching, the gentleman you were was evident.
A gentle soul.

I'm adding my voice to the call for justice. Justice must be served.
Fallen star Major Mahama
Gallantly you served and soared
Mistakenly darkness fell on you but your memory lives on.
Rest well you warrior!

Thursday, 25 May 2017


Silent as the raindrop falls on the surface of the earth
Silent as it pours on man
Raindrop meant for refreshment and rejuvination
Drops of rain; life blossoms
Blossoming life; yet today, the raindrop brought with it tears
Tears from the eyes whose heart is burdened
Burdened in baskets of bewilderment, butters and billows of sorrow.
Life like the rain,
Silent as the raindrop pours
Lost joy, lost dreams, collapsed walls,
Shivers down the spine.
Drops of rain,
A rush of cold air all over us...
Life like tattered papers
Life like raindrops
Torments of pain, torture....
Dreading when this pain shall be no more
Firmly founded and rooted: our solace, in the words of the scribes.
A word that lived long before the raindrop
Long before life
Long before man
Like dust, blown away: our consolation, in the word of life...
Fallen out but surely accepted into royalty in a world far away.
Perfect as gold.
Silent as the raindrop..
We feel and hear no rain,
yet it drops: hard truth,
reality so vivid...
Wrapped in the comfort of those heavy arms,
Love that will heal our broken hearts,
Silent as the raindrop!

I just learned again that there are indeed no special people in the world.... I can lose sleep over it but growing up everyday. Broken but kept in his arms.
Journey on....fly with angels...we love you but God loves you more...rest easy!!

Saturday, 13 May 2017


We are like faint tunes heard 
A(L)lO(U)weD across the ocean
Popping up,when the throat is dry
We are like walking mirages in the mind
When the heart is knitted apart.

Written by  guest blogger for the day; Mawuli.
Photo Source: Google photos

Friday, 5 May 2017


I remember a week ago, on this day, I had woken up wishing I did not have to leave my bed at all. It was one of those  days that I wished I could sleep. Since I was not married to a millionaire  yet or I was not a millionaire or I was not done chasing my dreams, I could not afford to stay in bed. I had to wake up and face my hustle. I did that with so much discomfort. At a point, it felt like my body was failing me but, I overcame  the urge to have a lie down and bore my pain so well at least till evening. When I  could not take it anymore ; in my distress, the hard floor of the Answer Cathedral, my church auditorium, became my bed for hours as I struggled to bear the unending pain. The whole night, I wanted to cry: bearing my pain and forgetting who was watching or where I was.

Tonight, I'm hail and hearty. All over the place, going about my usual routine like I would. I did not feel like crying neither was the pain I felt last weekend there. I felt new. Sometimes we go through moments of distress and end up feeling like it's the end of the world. Our struggles, pain, challenges seem unending and we begin to wonder when it would all end. Every pain, challenge, turmoil, has an expiry date if you will learn that whatever it is you are going through will change by next week because just like the seasons change, so do the times change. My moment of distress did not linger on forever. Yours won't either.

Still holding on? Wondering when that pain or moment of distress will end, it is only temporary if you will look beyond today. The times will change!

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Saturday, 29 April 2017


Pinned and pained.
Chased and chained.
Slain in slavery on a senseless stool.
Sometimes we all make mistakes but when the mistake is unforgivable you can't help but hold it against you.
I don't know you.
Caged and chained; chased and chained.
Pinned and pained.
You were not sent, neither were you set up
You chose the path to ply and tread
Time to pay for it dearly.
I don't know me;
My cross to bear,
My cross to carry,
I'll eat my spit...it is mine spit
My spit, I'll swallow; it is mine spit.
An albatross around my neck till I make my peace with the one that grants peace to the restless and weary.
Till that peace my soul and heart can find.
I'm on this sojourn alone...
Pinned and pained
Chased and chained.
Slain in slavery on a senseless stool
I'm on this sojourn alone.
All alone.....

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Friday, 7 April 2017


In a world where beauty is overrated. In a world where women will throw in their last penny to look beautiful. In a world where their sex is appreciated more than their intellects, I find my self constantly wondering; whether to classify my being born a beautiful woman a curse or a blessing.'
               ~ PPG~

Womanhood in our part of the world is being reduced to sex. A man sees a woman and the first thing that comes to mind is how sexy she looks regardless of whether she's showing off flesh or not. The men will eye rape you at the very least opportunity. It really does not matter where you find yourself as a woman: in the office, church, school, just name it. When Ghana's second lady decided to always look chic, majority of the men are thinking of how great she still looks even fully covered up to the point that, some have openly professed their love for her. Making her position as second lady and what she can do for our country's development come second to her sex appeal.

I read somewhere that little girls should be made to see themselves as not only  beautiful but should be taught to appreciate other things about themselves like their wits instead of just being complimented on their looks. A pretty girl is a blessing. A pretty girl with brains is a blessing worth more than gold. Regardless of all the things women are striving to achieve besides being just  beauty queens, we are still striving to reach that point where we will appear on the scene and our appearances will not count so much, but rather we will be looked at as complete ideal women and not just ideal for sex.

I'm not saying women have not earned it when it comes to other fields. I am calling for a time when a woman can be accepted as a woman and not have to go through all that mental abuse. Why must the first thing that comes to mind be the boobs and ass of a woman? Causing unnecessary pressure to be on the women in our society?

Young girls post photos of themselves on social media not showing off their academic exploits or personal development ventures but rather photos of themselves having fun at one place or the other, showing enough flesh with boobs and ass. They even label it and refer to those photos as celebrating the goodness of the Lord. Our little ones are growing up to think that they do not need to go through the process of becoming a woman. Once they can afford to live such life styles. Some women are the reason we have not reached where we have to be as women yet. What exactly are we teaching our young women as a people?

Until we begin to teach our little girls that beauty goes handy with brains. That, womanhood comprises more than just getting an ass job or being complimented on your looks, society will keep celebrating us as sex objects and nothing less.

Doffing my scarf to all the feminists groups who are doing a good job. Changing this perception and working on getting each woman to have a voice in this harsh cruel world where sex is overrated and attached to every single thing. Let's stop giving ourselves undue pressure but rather learn to ward off the pressures from the world that is celebrating our sex instead of what we stand for as women. I see a real woman, what does the world see?  Your beauty should not be a curse but rather a blessing.

A toast to April
A toast to April 7th
A toast to a glittering new year🍹

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Actions In Low Moments...

These past few days, I've followed the stories of my little sisters alleged to have taken their own lives with sadness. What on earth will push such young, beautiful and intelligent girls to do such a thing if this allegation is true at all(since all three cases are  under investigation). Depression stemming from failed relationships and rejection? A huge secret, academic non performance? Loneliness? Damaged reputation, name it.

Oh little sisters, when I was your age, trust me I couldn't tell what a heartbreak felt like. I remember being in 307 just beneath 407 where one of you is alleged to have fallen from. It was a room where the girls discussed relationship issues constantly. We shared our experiences whilst the level 100 girls looked on quietly. I heard stories of heartbreaks and remember following a roommate to her boyfriend's place only to find out later that he was with another girl. They eventually got married. Tears flowed, there were worried looks on faces, depressing and heartbreaking moments, but we talked about it like a family. Similarly, we shared our academic achievements and failures.

What happened to sharing how you feel with someone? I may have become such a private person now that I'm a grown woman. I would not speak about me to you unless you are a friend I hold in high esteem and you have proven you do too. Yes, it's that bad that I'm friends with people who know nothing about how I'm feeling at a particular time. I guess there are other young women like me too but everyone has someone they can bare their soul to when they cannot take it anymore. Telling it to someone you have confidence in can help you see clearer when it looks dark. You could get some free shrink services if not from a professional.

What happened to all they taught us in Sunday School when we were kids? Taking your own life may seem a better option when you are overwhelmed but it is sin. What happened to telling someone what it is you were planning to do? Do you know you can always find a sweeter man if you stayed alive and realize the one you were ready to kill for was not even worth a tear? What about our big sisters who've had ten men jilt them even at age forty and sometimes at the alter? Have they given up yet? No they are still trying.

What happened to another  or a second chance? Ever heard people begin a first degree at age thirty nine? I know how it feels when you really want something but can't get it at that time. Your world looks crumpled. You only see dark days and death seems more appealing. I recall how I missed out on law school years ago and how I thought I had no reason to keep living. How a boy let me down in my moment of distress. I lost weight, got depressed and had considered death a better option. Eventually, I sought help and with time I learned to view my situation better. So now you know, that every once in a while, we all go through very dark days and wish we will just die but life  always presents us with another chance. Only if we do not yield to our depressions to take grave irreversible actions in our low moments, there will be another chance. It may be so late according to your time and man's timing, but perfect according to God's timing. 

Oh little sisters! You should have sought counsel from big sister.
You should have told a friend or a relative about your thoughts and plans. You should have gone to your God to bare your soul. I'm sad but you could have done anything than take your own lives. What made you think you could not begin over again? If you did it for any man or woman, where are they now?  They obviously have no idea how depressed you were. If you thought you had disappointed them, or they had been the ones to disappoint you. Sometimes people hurt others without knowing it. At other times, it's their choice to do so but you should never stop living due to their actions. Now that you left this world, how do you prove to him or to the skeptics that it can get better? Taking your own life only arouses pity, attracts a huge gathering at your farewell service, lots of loose talk from people who view you as a coward apparently because it is easier to judge from afar until you find yourself in the same shoes.

Young people should be encouraged to talk about what they are going through openly without being judged. Our counseling units should be reinforced. That counseling unit on Legon campus seems empty, people should give them a job to do by going in there to seek some therapy. Mental health access and delivery should be free if there can be free Senior High School, we can save some lives as well. Conditions of service for such workers should be over the roof and more of such facilities put up to  facilitate mental health delivery and easy access. I still believe in letting people know what your problem is without any form of discrimination. Was my little sister's mental health condition made known to the hall tutor? If it was, she could have been given a room in the main hall: downstairs or even if it were upstairs, she would have only been injured and battling for her life by now instead of having us prepare for a farewell service.

Finally, I still believe that we can love and cherish ourselves above any other thing and never want to end it no matter how ugly it may look or feel at a particular time. I know how shitty people and situations  can make you feel but they aren't God.  Let us teach our younger generation to put themselves under a covering: I believe in being religious at this point. Christianity doesn't permit one to take his own life. Let our churches begin to preach these messages constantly and open their doors to building and repairing lives instead of the fundraising and prophetic services. They should rather engage in healing services to heal wounded souls, scarred hearts and bruised minds. We all have a role to play, yes we can!
To my little sisters gone before us: I'm saddened by your demise, sorry it had to end this way. To their families: our deepest condolences.

To a little sister contemplating the same action, please don't do it. It can only get better once you are still alive. Be a hero in the fight: a living dog is better than a dead lion. It can get better if only you hold on. In death there will be no more sunshine. To see the sun shine again, you should be alive. Let your actions in your low moments push you to keep fighting in life's battle like a hero. Never letting the coward in you show up under any circumstances. It will get better if only you hang in there.

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Friday, 17 February 2017


Life's Camera: roll, click, snap
Capturing every moment: the down times and the happy magical moments.
The days we are looking good
The days we aren't at our best,
memories to view later: our life's pictures, our lives like pictures, the story of our lives told in pictures.
Capture the peak and packed: pleasures and unforgettable passing times.
A reminder of the good and the bad times

A reminder that people  come along and make us realize  who we are....
Inspirational, phenomenal, instrumental.
Our lives like pictures:  memories of our laughter, our tears, achievements, our challenging moments: significant and  insignificant moments.
A tale of hearts entwined
A language of the heart: briefly or silently.
Our lives in pictures: a sealed bond: solid as the rising and setting of the sun.
All captured on our life's camera: pictures.
Pictures of our life!


I won't wait to bring you flowers when you can't say to me how beautiful they are.
Neither will I wait to write you a tribute.
I celebrate you now and always.
Happy birthday to my fightmate, my intercessor, alarm clock, nurse, my teacher and a lot more: Alice.....
Love you to bits.

Photo Source: Google photos.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Dream Boy

Your love is the only one I've ever known,
Gentle, ugly you call yourself  but I  find you the most handsome guy on planet  earth.
More handsome than my handsome  father whom I  thought  was the most handsome  until you came along.
Caring, careless and careful: I've never known a more caring guy.
Your love is awake even when mine goes to sleep
You crawl and crave till I yell and yearn for you...
I'm drunk on your  caring nature, imprisoned by your care...
Drawn to the deep case in which  you wrap me like a fragile doll.
You are careless enough to let me see and touch your soul.
Your eyes speak to me though your lips are sealed
A look so drawn to the tune my heart beat  makes...
My tears your down time,
My cheerful times your moments of glory.
My biggest  fan, my delicious critic.
You are careless enough to make me see past your beautiful  body: a heart encased  in gold.
I'm spoilt for you and by you only.

You are careful to let me see that there is a star in the sky but I'm the sky in which the  star dwells.
You adore and worship me like I'll stop pouring down rain to reign or rain on you.
I'm lost but lost in you and lost with  you
Shower me, stone me, shine on me, spoil me, my sugar...
Drown me in your pool of sweet, soothing balm.
Let me smell the deeps and depths: dream boy.
On   a road that leads to a destination  of fulfillment 
I'll walk the longest mile to be  with you and
I'll climb the highest  mountain to stay here with you
There are some sweets you taste and they stain your teeth forever:
You are a dream  drawn in my desire to drown deep in the depth of the shadows  I see.
A sweet dream,
until I  probably  have a nightmare 
Or you will just be  my dream boy.
Splashes of the sun sinner
I'm your sun to slay and to have 
Your  love sun: sugar my cream!

Hope  your today  is as beautiful  as your love is...

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Bruised, buttered, betrayed.
I queued to cast my ballot: dropping marbles into  coloured drums for the candidate of my choice: a leader I wanted to rule over my land.
With three options to choose from: almighty Jammeh who was hoping to rule for a billion years.
Barrow who had arisen as the eagle to fly my people to a new destination to restore democracy, Kande: a hope for my land some day.
What a shock it was,
the almighty ruler since 1994, conceded defeat to the surprise of the  African Continent and the entire world.
Oh the wind of change that the voices had screamed and called for threatened to blow and it blew across...
The clouds were destined to change colour
The night stars that were shrouded rose to shine again:  a Gambia that I dreamed of becoming.
Show me my Gambia
Show me my dreams
Show me her leader
Show me the heart of her leader....
Gripped hands on power, concession thrashed to the sands..
the heart of her leader...
Her people flee: an escape from looming destruction
a sojourn to the land of freedom.
Hopes overturned,
Hearts broken,
Bruised minds,
Bleeding hearts.
Vulnerability in consistent grip of the icy hands of power.
Her peace is threatened:
the women will suffer,
the children's future unclear,
the men in disarray as they look on...
Questioning,what will become of her....
My land
My pride
My home
My  legacy
What will it be?
The heart of the leadership problem: the heart of the leader...
Oh Africa, oh leaders,
power drunken?
Where is our conscience?
Where is our dignity?
Arise! Arise!
Stand up! Arise!
Your people weep...
Leave us not with bruises and scars
Not with bitter memories of dashing hopes and defeated souls...
Touch not our Gambia no more,
we plead with you:
the heart of the leader...
Gambia bleeds, Gambia weeps.
Heal her land.
Gambia bleeds, Gambia weeps:
for when she will not only see this terror no more   but feel the wind of change she yearns for,
take over her land!

Photo Source: Google photos.

Gambia my muse.


I gave you all of me.
My heart, my soul, my body.
I kissed your ass and licked your pee,
afterall you were my demigod, my idol, my shining star...
What did you do with it?
You threw my apples away...
You took all the times I'll still lay the bed and await your arrival home for granted,
whilst you went flirting with the world
in search of fame,fortune, becoming complacent in the process.
You put a knife through my heart and turned me into an ugly soul.
You scarred my body after I lay naked for you to have your way. ...
You had me, all of me yet you took all that for granted.
Yesterday I moved on....
Today you come craving for my attention again.
My support, my heart, body and soul: all of me.
Make me fall in love again.
Bring back all the magical moments when you touched me and I melted...
When your kick made me do a royal dance because I had danced with a demigod.
When the crown that you gave me sparkled with glitters of  red, gold, green and the black star.
I'll bare my soul to you...
If only you will make me fall in love with you again.
Go Black Stars!
Go Ghana!
Go Go Go!
Make me fall in love again...
The plea of Ama Ghana.
I believe in you...
Go Black Stars go!

Puppishgirl believes in you too!
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Thursday, 12 January 2017


I remember my boss had  given out a stern warning not to eat at your desk but rather leave your desk to go eat at the right place and come back after noticing most people had made it a habit. I had been  so overwhelmed  with work and had lots of things to do that I barely  made time to eat. I found it more convenient  to sit at my desk and sip on my usual  tea or Kalyppo  with biscuits (well, I  drank  Kalyppo  before  the craze  began and was even  labelled as the girl who ate food meant for babies. It's quite a  surprise  now to see those same people  drink Kalyppo) I wondered why the boss did not give exemptions and was obviously  hoping  I would  be one of those who could eat at my desk. Obviously, I was  not above the law.

I still broke the rule once a while because  I  was too busy wanting to accomplish  my tasks for  the  day since I  did  not have  the same  hours as others. I would go under my desk, sip on my Kalyppo, munch on my biscuits and wipe my lips with tissue then, go back to working  on my computer. After  a while, I would pick my hand wipes and clean my hands, then go under the desk to sip on my Kalyppo and munch on my biscuits. Finish chewing, sit back on my seat  and continue  with  my  work. I had finished  as usual and decided  to look around. Then I remembered  I was on camera. Wow! Hunger almost made me forget I was being watched.

That is how our lives feel like sometimes. We do things  forgetting  that other people  are  looking  up to us, we break the rules, use inappropriate  or unapproved  routes to gain what we hope to achieve. Sometimes  we end up hurting  other people  with  our actions yet, it is our happiness  that  really matters  to us regardless of how shitty it makes others feel.

If only we took the time to gaze up or around, it would guard our actions to put us on our toes just for us to be on our best behaviour.
It really  doesn't  matter  who you are, what you do or if you play any major role in society. What  really matters  is for us to always bear in mind, that we are  being  watched. Someone  is probably  looking  up  to you to  live their  lives. We also do not want  our present or current actions to come back haunting  us in the future. It is better  to live your life as if you were on camera in 2017 and beyond than to be caught on camera.

Photo Credit: Arden

Happy birthday Ivan xxx

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Welcome My President!

Congratulations to Ghanaians for a peaceful election. Better luck next time Ex President Mahama. Our history cannot be told without you though. Congratulations President Nana Akufo Addo.

I'm glad you rose to the highest office of the land. Your persistence and determination, though admirable isn't exactly peculiar, because there have been others just like you but you are welcome my president. With your reign I will constantly do write ups on Ghana, politics, law and the economy. Thus your ascension to this office made me discover another aspect in my writing career.

I will be your best and worst friend. Cheering you on, I will critique and draw your attention to very important national issues like I mentioned earlier. Ghanaians are not only expecting so much from you, but I'm personally looking forward to a few of your campaign promises. One of them being transformation of the Zongo communities.

Mr. President, I want to see this happen real quick because of all the places, that's where my favourite braids girl decided to ply her trade. I may not feel safe and comfortable going there, but certainly I cannot help it. I have hard core friends who love to go there too. So you see, this Zongo transformation thing is not only a big deal for Zongo dwellers but also for occasional visitors like me.

I am eagerly awaiting the creation of jobs, one district, one factory, an end to our progressive power crisis: dumsor, reduction in tariffs, free Senior High School. Free Senior High School will help lesson the burden on some parents and on me a surrogate Mum whose beneficiaries constantly look up to my little foundation to push them towards the goal.

Mr. President, these and many more you enunciated and we the people of Ghana are anxiously awaiting to see and enjoy them.

Damn your blunders or is it plagiarizing of your speech... I won't comment on your outfit and how you showed me your belly when you are not my sugar daddy. No comments on my first lady's outfit either. My second lady....
All we need is a changed Ghana, nothing less!
You cannot let us down. No you won't!
Infact you dare not. I have so much faith in you, candidly Ghanaians do too.

Wishing you all the best during your tenure in the highest office of the land as the bus driver who will lead us to our next destination.

God bless our homeland Ghana!

Monday, 2 January 2017

Your Hell, Someone's Haven!

There are times when you can only appreciate your situation better after you have seen the situation of others. This is because sometimes all we ever think about is ourselves and how we think our situations are that bad. We end up shifting our attention from the little things that we should even be grateful for and go in search of the bigger things we think will complete our lives.

However, an opportunity with a person whose  predicament is worst than ours can help bring us to the realization that, what we actually refer to as hell in our lives is someone's haven.

Why don't we stop  looking down on ourselves, feeling sorry for ourselves, stop the I wish...., and start appreciating what we have...? Counting our blessings instead of constantly grieving over what we do not have? The next time you decide to cry over compelling situations in 2017, remember your hell could be someone's haven.

Photo Source: Lloyd Barker

New Year it is, I couldn't  post much on my blog in 2016 but I hope to post more in 2017.
Happy New Year Lovelies!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Create Your Own story, Take Your Own Photo!

It just occurred to me that sometimes, the people who write all the romantic things for us to read and view have never experienced it themselves. I know this is debatable but a few weeks ago, a popular writer of chicklit on wattpad announced to her readers that she had finally been disvirgened. She began to tell her readers how prior to that time she had never experienced any of the things she wrote.

Well, your guess is as good as mine, I was a bit astonished. After all,  she had about eleven stories published. All chicklit with romantic scenes. So how was she able to describe into detail all that to keep her readers engaged.....

I remember how everyone kept asking if I was thirty five and if I was single and lonely? Well, I had written a story  that perfectly depicted how a thirty five year old woman felt alone without a man. I probably did it so well, I could pass for 'Yella' in my story; 'My Favourite Romantic Novel.'

How can I  forget the story of bestselling  author Jane Austen, who has several  romantic  novels to her credit but was said to have  never enjoyed the bliss of matrimony. She  was never  married  in real life until her death.

You don't have to be an Engineer to write stories that are engineering  centered. Neither do you have to be married to tell the story of an abused or a happily married woman. You don't have to be in love to tell love stories though it comes naturally if you are in love. Not every piece of writing, not every movie is based on the experiences of the writer. Sometimes the people who write about love, are the most lonely people. Sometimes writers are the most boring people. I've had comments like my boyfriend is lucky and all. Sometimes  it is those people who are the worst partners. Sometimes, writers are the worst conversationalists. Sometimes writers make the worst lovers.

Next time you read a piece of writing and are thinking, this writer has got it all, don't forget we live  in an imperfect world and people do not have it all. It's just a piece of writing!
Sometimes people spend too much time wishing for  the same picture, movie or story.
The seemingly perfect picture of someone may not be their true life story.

It's time to create your own story, take your own picture or perhaps write your own movie. Live life by your own design. Stop dwelling or living on the stories, pictures and movies of others.  They are different and so are you. We are all at different stages at different times of our lives.

My Ghana goes to the polls in a few hours.
God bless my homeland  Ghana!

Photo  source :  Google  Photos.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Pink Sweet II

Alarm Clock

Pink Sweet became my alarm clock.
Can't tell how I got him to be all that.
Morning messages became regular and every morning I woke up and went through my day showered with sweets from Pink Sweet.

My User Guide: emotionally  fed

Even when the day got difficult, my evenings  were special.

Are you home?
I'll be there in ten minutes.'

When Pink Sweet arrived, I got a hug first.  The hugs that made me feel super hugged.
Followed by forehead kisses : my favourite.  We talked and laughed about nothing. We said goodbye with hugs and kisses. Sweet kisses. I loved kissing him already.

If someone  did something  or said something  to me, Pink Sweet was the  one to tell. He never advised. He just  listened  and empathized. Once a while he would  bring  a suggestion.

He just never  blamed, condemned or call me names.
Here's where I  found  a  friend, someone  I felt comfortable  talking  to.
My go to person. He fed my emotions.

He probably  knew what to  do or say to make me feel better.
Perhaps he had gotten  my user guide.....how else could  he know what to do or say and when to.....?

'Are you still mad at me?'

Oh well... you know  I am....yet what  can  I  say.

I'm sorry genuinely  meant I'm sorry.
Pink Sweet  wasn't  afraid to let me see or know he was sorry. He would mean it if he said he was.

My user guide.....

Making Out

If I got lucky: I always was, we made out. It started with the I'm happy to see you, I missed  you hugs. It extended to forehead kisses, thigh kisses and then......pour some sugar....

Pink Sweet! I was freaking attracted to him. I mean all through, I had to exercise self control not to cross boundaries. It's not like he would deny me. He never denied me access to his beautiful body.

The problem  was with me!
Where I was coming  from and then the  book I'd read came to mind once a while.

I was always unbuttoning his shirt to touch his chest hair. Laying on his chest felt super good. Ouch!
Like my special  place.

Priceless Moments 

It didn't matter how mad Pink Sweet was with me. If we had a fight,  it didn't go beyond Thursday. For some funny reason, Thursday  would be the day Pink Sweet came to see me if he hadn't done so all week.

I think Thursdays were his happy days.....

The first time we probably kissed was on a Thursday. Brief and quick. It was the best and safest kiss ever for me. It felt like I was kissing for the first time.

'My lips are all swollen from the kiss but I enjoyed kissing you and want to kiss you again xoxo.'

That made me really smile.
Little  did  I  understand it was a   promise  to let me know  he wouldn't  stop kissing  me  anytime  soon.

If only he knew I enjoyed kissing him too.
Kissing him felt like I was a teenager.

Trust me, I had analysed this friendship before everything and just thought we won't last.

I was Damn wrong.
I got addicted before I could think straight again.

In the end, I resolved to take what he could  offer me.......
Pink Sweet.

Oranges for me

I found oranges...
Sweet: I ate  them and loved the taste.
Sour : Sometimes it tasted sour. 
I tasted more sweets than I recall tasting   the sour ones.

Dark Clouds
Bad Days

We all have our dark days. We did too.

Dark quiet days...
Annoying, teary dark days....

Wounds heal with time.

Time does heal the wounds.
With time you forget the past.
Time is magical.
Time made me realize  I only stopped looking at Pink Sweet on those dark days but I never stopped caring.

Friends Today
Strangers Tomorrow 

Life has always confirmed this: today we are friends, addicted to each other.

Hurting and forgiving each other.

Mad at each other.

Tomorrow, we become strangers on our dark days.
Like people who can't get past their differences and over each others  mistakes.

Forgiveness and letting go...
Love forgives.

Silver Lining

After the night comes the morning.
When the wound heals,
When the tears cease,
In those lacey clouds, you will find  that silver lining.

Love hurts.
Love heals.
Pour some sugar....
It's pink sweet!

Photo Credit: Google photos

Friday, 11 November 2016

Pink Sweet I

Pink Sweet

Weird Dude

We met on a Friday night. He came across as the stranger who ate my pizza without  asking. Who does that? I found that weird. Well....He was wasted, I  learned later. Not my type of boy and so I didn't look any further.

Wouldn't  have believed  it, if I was told he would become  my pizza eating mate days on....

Friday nights turned out to  be awesome  spent with my favourite person. Friday nights were for hanging out.
Ice cream, pizza, beach time..... whatever......even if we just talked.

Perfect  time to cuddle.
Kiss your  favourite person 
Talk about  nothing .....Friday!

Friday  nights,  for Pink Sweet.

Pink Sweet Sixteen

I could see clearly the dude who ate my pizza without asking... all because he was wasted. Tall, nice eyes, pink lips, super hairy, ....no!  More importantly beautiful soul I discovered  later.

He wanted to know my favourite type of pizza so  he would get it for me next time. I would have  doubted it was a promise to eat pizza with me always. Words that must have made no meaning to me as of that time. A promise of friendship  it turned out to be.....

I even mentioned he was sixteen on our first Saturday night out in the midst of his friends. It became a thing to laugh about...he became the laughing stock. The girl had obviously called him a baby yet he  remained calm.

I never got in touch after that second meeting. He did though.

Bittersweet and torturous

Sundays were days that Pink Sweet  never came around. Rather we kept in touch all day via texts or phone.

Sunday was when I decided after all those months, I would go visit my Pink Sweet for the first time.  He had stopped coming to see me after threatening he wouldn't come to see me anymore if I never went to visit. He had  been  doing  all the chasing, well.....

I didn't bother going that extra mile because I had my own demons budging me. I also didn't see where this was leading. Trust me I had analysed this friendship before everything and just thought we wouldn't go far. Reasons: we were at different stages at different times of our lives. I just didn't think  we would  last beyond that time. All the odds seemed to be against us including age as well as friends. I just knew I couldn't wait for him to get it together.  He would prove me wrong later.

That Sunday, I wished it hadn't  taken  so long to taste my pink sweet. Prior  to that time, I  never  felt pressured to do anything. He was so understanding whilst I  still struggled  to determine  where I wanted this to lead to.

Sunday was the day I  let myself go.
I didn't  care where  this led or ended.
I lived in the moment and for  the  moment.
My only duty was to enjoy   it   whilst  it lasted.
It was all I  could do.

Never knew it would be a day for  confirmation and affirmation.

I took what  he gave me: bittersweet, yummy.
I gave him what  I  could  though selfishly.
My addiction  assumed another  dimension.
If I  was addicted  to  his persona only, then I  was kidding because  with this addiction  came an addiction to all of him.

Sunday was a time  I would  remember....
As bittersweet and torturous.
All the tears I would cry later was because of Sunday.....

Pink Sweet💖

To be continued!

Photo Credit: Lilly

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

If I Wore Rags, I Would Still Be Beautiful!

On Sunday, I decided to look different. Instead of my usual style of dressing to church, I chose to wear a colourful slit and lace top. My niece kept laughing at my appearance even as I was about to leave home though she told me I looked nice. I  contemplated  changing clothes when I remembered an incident that happened with Yd.

He had come to see me one  Friday night after work. He had closed late and we were not hanging out. As always,  I  hugged  him, elated to finally see him after a long day. When we were done with the hugs, kisses and the I missed you bit, as part of his ritual  of paying attention  to everything  'me'   he began to check out my clothes.

'Is that a night dress?' Touching the dress I was wearing  probably  to be sure he was seeing right.
Oh gosh. Boys! I thought to myself.
'I wouldn't  wear my night dress to see you please.'
He smiled and said to me; 'even if you wore rags, you would  still be beautiful.'
I smiled back, mumbling a thank you  though I wasn't exactly sure what that meant. I sought to get an explanation some other time.

After this time, one thing resonated with me. I was pretty, no doubt but beneath that physical beauty, he saw something  I could not see or did not know I possessed. A beautiful mind and soul: beautiful  inside and outside. I ended up wearing my slit and lace top reminding myself that even if I wore rags, I would still be beautiful.

How many times, haven't  we focused so much on our outward appearance as individuals neglecting our inward beauty?  I'm not saying to neglect your outward appearance by wearing unfashionable clothes, mismatch,  unironed  clothes or a look that will make people think twice about you at a first glance. No! But do not be too busy working on your physical beauty at the expense of developing an inner beauty.

A good attitude towards others, a forgiving heart, loving others even when they prove so difficult to be loved: there are people who will simply not appreciate someone being nice to them because they are either too damaged or too busy to see. Being kind, gentle, helpful and thoughtful.
Thinking through your words  before they come out: bearing in mind the feelings of others before you say those words.
Self love: loving yourself so much that you radiate love and people who come around you, can feel the love too. A smile: a smile that misinforms the world you have no worries, till your worries desert you because they can't stand your smile. One that melts the heart of another person. Self confidence is key. Above  all, submitting to a higher authority: the old bearded man up there and feeding your spirit man constantly just as you do to your body.

Let people learn to see beyond the pretty or handsome  face and beautiful body appreciating the inner you. You can be so physically attractive but without your inner beauty, you will still be a bitch.
Next time you look in the mirror and aren't so sure of who you see, remember who you are and say : 'I would still be beautiful  if I wore rags.'

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Blue Butterfly ...

When the flower  calls out to the butterfly....
Come let's play.
But how?
You are a butterfly who only flies across.
I want you to constantly fly to me.
Fly above,fly around, fly, just fly over me.
How do I fly my flower?
Oh butterfly, did you not learn the art of flying before coming out?
I only wanted to give you flying lessons but whilst I watched you fly over me, I learned that my little game of  fly over could turn on me.
In the eyes of the world you are a butterfly.
I don't care what the world calls you.
I only see a friend in butterfly.
I only see blue in a butterfly.

If they think because of who you are,
I should have you fly around at all cost....
I look beyond who you are in the eyes of the world.
It is who you are to me that makes me want to have you fly across my world.
Beautiful : a beautiful blue butterfly
Gentle: when are you going to ever get mad?
Intelligent: I like your ignorance when it comes to something outside your world.
Who you are in my eyes :  I can't explain. The day I do will be the day we probably say goodbye.
You make me happy and it's all that matters.
It does not matter who you are in the eyes of the world....
It is who you are to me, how you make me feel and the peace that comes with you as a person.
I don't care who they say you are in the eyes of others, I'll only see that when I'm unwell, I'm sure.
All I know is, you make me smile, you make me laugh,
you make me happy,
you make me....
I still  don't know what that means but it was not meant to turn out this way....
It was just  fly over lessons for butterfly.
Where are you?
Don't fly away.....
Come suck my nectar.
Where are you?
Come suck  on my sweetness.
Fly over me, across and around my world.
Where are you blue butterfly. ....

Photo Credit: Fb/ The Idealist